Niambi's House - Melody Especially Created for Our Home

Musical, Energetic, Creative, and Fun!!!

Welcome to Niambi's House . . . Let us Begin in Peace!

Come on in...we've been waiting just for you

Musical, Energetic, Creative and Fun!!!

Niambi's House is the creation of Niambi Shalewa Byete Muhammad, affectionately known as "Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad ."  It embodies her creative, God given talents of teaching and inspiring through music, storytelling, and workshops.

Given the name at birth, Niambi means "melody,"  Shalewa means "especially created for our home,"  Byete means "between God and man," and Muhammad (later acquired) means "one worthy of praise."  Since as a little girl, Sister Niambi Shalewa has been singing and writing poetry (and eventually songs).

Niambi's House is a safe place where children and families can come and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Sister Niambi Shalewa is a singer, songwriter, and all around entertainer - thus, Niambi's House is about providing quality educational experiences through song, music, movement, and storytelling.

Whether students are learning math, science, or history - Sister Niambi Shalewa has a song and/or story!

By bringing Niambi's House to your next event, you will inspire and enrich the lives of the families and children who attend. 

Niambi's House mission statement:

To enrich and inspire the lives of children, especially those of African descent, and their families, through positive, uplifting, educational, and fun musical experiences - forever providing "melody, especially created for our home"



 Sister Niambi Shalewa?  How do you say that?

Niambi - "knee-ahm-bee"    Shalewa - "shah-lay-wah"

(Photography by Claudia Grace)