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Our Story Live - Black History Performance and Touring Show

Performed Exclusively as part of

the DuSable Museum of African American History's

"Making History Come Alive"

Educational Programming!


Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad, Sajdah, and Abdul perform...

...for schools, children, and families of all ages!

“Our Story” is a 45- 60 minute live performance that integrates music and Black history, in a way that makes learning fascinating, meaningful, and enjoyable for schools, children, and families of all ages!  Black History will come alive through new, original, and exciting songs, chants, movement, finger plays, and storytelling.  Children will learn about the rich history and culture of Black people in America.

Familiar historical figures like Harriet Tubman and Jackie Robinson will be presented in new ways that will have children, teachers, and parents alike, on their feet dancing and singing!

Children will also become acquainted with unsung heroes like  Henry “Box” Brown and Lucy,” ancient bones found in Ethiopia.  You will simply love the "spin" on "Dem Bones," referring to Lucy (human bones found in Ethiopia).

Never before has the story of the Middle Passage been performed in such a way as to captivate the minds and hearts of even the youngest infant in a mama's arms.  Enhanced with live music - the djembe drum, flute, and cello - and creative dance.

Every show is interactive and fun, through "call and response," and classrooms and families are sure to leave inspired to learn more.

Initially this show was created in honor of Black History Month; however, it is a show that can be viewed all year round with its theme of self-awareness and history.

 “Our Story” is a show that you do not want to miss!

Our Story CD

  1.  Our Story Intro

  2.  Let Us Begin in Peace

  3.  Here We Are Today

  4.  Mama Lucy

  5.  Heartbeats

  6.  Heartbeat Sounds

  7.  Ancestor Stars

  8.  Ishu - Instrument Play Along **

  9.  Follow the Leader

 10.  Henry "Box" Brown Rhyme

 11.  Henry "Box" Brown Song

 12.  Middle Passage Song

 13.  Stand on the Shoulders

14.  Proud 2 B Me

15.  Mama Africa - Community Dance **

16.  Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Chant

17.  Jackie Robinson Finger Play

18.  More Than a Baseball Player

19.  Red, Black, and Green

20.  10, 000 Men Named George

21.  Train Sounds

22.  Two Hands Rhyme

23.  Two Hands Song

24.  Goodbye Song

25.  Peace Be Unto You

** Music by Babatu!


The two instrumental tracks on the "Our Story" CD are courtesy of Babatu of Ebony Eyes Production!  He is a multi-talented musician and teacher!

More information to come!