Niambi's House - Melody Especially Created for Our Home

Musical, Energetic, Creative, and Fun!!!


Niambi’s House a child’s favorite place

If you are looking to expose your children to an educational yet fun lesson on history sung to the tune of catchy jingles and rhymes, then a visit from Auntie Niambi Shalewa will do the trick. Niambi’s House, a one-woman show featuring Auntie Niambi Shalewa, is a treasure chest filled with songs and musical instruments and a dash of magic.
Just one visit to Niambi’s House is enough to keep the children wanting more. After the initial experience, you’ll understand why Auntie Niambi Shalewa is an instant favorite. Adorned in festive garb to match the occasion, Auntie Niambi Shalewa grabs the audiences’ attention with childhood favorites like “Sticky, Sticky, Sticky Bubblegum” and ““Everybody Have a Seat.”  With acoustic guitar in tow and additional instruments for children’s playing pleasure, Auntie Niambi Shalewa provides children with an interactive, engaging experience that will stay with them long after the melody ends.

What’s most endearing with Auntie Niambi Shalewa is her ability to have adults up on their feet, singing and swaying right alongside the little ones. With over 20 songs in her playlist, children and grown-ups alike find themselves going down history lane without stepping foot in a classroom. Through her calming voice, bright smile and repetitive lyrics, Auntie Niambi Shalewa reminds us through her performances that learning never ceases and is fun. Each visit will leave you in anticipation of the next musical journey this shining star will take you on.

One thing is certain: when you visit Niambi’s House, you – or your kids – won’t want to leave.

~ D.L. Carpenter