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Who is Sister Niambi Shalewa?




Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad ?  How do you say that?

Niambi - "knee-ahm-bee"    Shalewa - "shah-lay-wah"

Singer - Songwriter - Storyteller 

Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad was born and raised in Saint Louis, MO.  Being the daughter of parents who were members of the hottest local, reggae band Infrared Rockers (previously known as Infrared Funk) in Saint Louis, Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad was inspired to use her musical gifts and talents with children and families in her community.

She received her early performing arts training from Saint Louis Public Schools.  Later, she received her B.S. in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education from Harris-Stowe State College (now Harris-Stowe State University).  She has taught in the Saint Louis Public School District before making her move to Chicago where she taught at Muhammad University of Islam, substituted in Chicago Public Schools, and volunteered with Project Butterfly and Camp Butterfly. Presently, she teaches in the Chicago Public Schools in PreK! 

She has performed around Chicago, IL and Saint Louis, MO.  As an educator, she has produced musical performances and workshops at various schools, like Shabazz International Charter School and Muhammad University of Islam.  Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad also provides birthday party entertainment and birthday CDs (general and personalized).

Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad now resides in Chicago with her lovely husband and her four beautiful children.  Besides songwriting, singing, and storytelling, Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad enjoys dancing, VSK Jiu-jitsu, and sudoku.

Over 20 years experience teaching and entertaining children

Sister Niambi Shalewa Muhammad has been teaching and entertaining children for some time.

  • Storytelling at various venues in Saint Louis, MO, East Saint Louis, IL and Chicago 
  • Produced mini musicals at Muhammad University of Islam (Chicago, IL)
  • Performed with acoustic guitar at Family Literacy Night at Muhammad University of Islam (Chicago, IL)
  • Performed at annual Saviours' Day Convention 
  • Produced and led "Everybody Can Sing" workshop at Betty Shabazz International Charter School - ended with school presentation and original song Everybody Can Sing
  • Volunteered at New Concept School - with acoustic guitar and fun songs
  • As a licensed Kindermusik Educator - taught Kindermusik (International Early Childhood Music Program) at Hyde Park Suzuki
  • Volunteered at Muhammad University of Islam teaching music to primary grades and teaching intermediate grades new song Water, which they performed at the opening of the Science Fair
  • Performed many birthday parties while writing new birthday songs for family and friends
I am so grateful for all of the opportunities and inspiration that I have acquired as a teacher and community member in Saint Louis, MO and in Chicago, IL!  It is such an honor and joy to serve my community and to work combining my two passions - teaching and music.  Niambi's House is me, and it has been developing since I was a little girl. Now it has evolved to include my children who hold their own when performing!