Niambi's House - Melody Especially Created for Our Home

Musical, Energetic, Creative, and Fun!!!

Our Story Volume One DVD Testimonials

Never has Black History Month been presented in such a creative, fun, and energetic way.  Niambi's House (Our Story) provides a link from the past to the present and gives the viewer a sense of pride of the future.  Niambi's House (Our Story) - although targeted to kids - will have parents and adults alike, on their feet and singing along to the tune of Black History."

DeAnna L. Carpenter, Director - Camp Butterfly


Auntie Niambi's House (Our Story) is colorful, upbeat, fun, and exciting.  Family fun for all who watch...listening fun for all who absorb!"  Children of all walks, backgrounds, and cultures will dance and sing to this interactive, fun DVD.(Sister Afrika)  This puts the Afrikan in the African-American illustration for our children's development! (Brother Jason)


Sister Afrika Porter-Ollarvia - Home School Mom/Educator & Business Owner

Brother Jason Ollarvia - Home School Dad/Educator & Business Owner


Let me say that "Niambi's House" is off to a tremendous beginning.  It's vibrant and electric with color.  It's engaging, full of joy and full of love.  It's informative, educational, interactive, and inspires viewers of ALL ages to get up and move!  It was especially impressive to see how easily engaged the little babies who couldn't even talk yet were enthralled with the images and songs!  And one very special thing that is lacking from most media presentations of ANY genre or type, is that "Our Story" reminds us ALL that the important feelings of safety, of being loved, of feeling grounded and joyful are secured when we demonstrate peace and kindness to each other.

Love, Mama Edie, the Storyteller


This is an amazing DVD!  Our son loves it!  Niambi makes learning our history fun, informative, and accessible to our children.  Every child should have this in their library.  He watches and listens as if it were the first time.  Niambi is so in tune with our children.  This is so needed and appreciated.  Thank you Niambi for this wonderful gift to the world.

Niambi Jaha-Echols, parent


I expected to be entertained, but I found myself in a room full of families and the whole families were encaptured by the songs, stories, and lessons on this DVD.  I watched and enjoyed the whole thing.

 Rod Echols

Hear the buzz about Auntie Niambi Shalewa Muhammad’s Performances and Birthday CDs!

Niambis' warm spirit and exceptional talent put her among the best of the children's entertainers in the city of Chicago. Niambi performed "Our Story" at Room2Play's Black History celebration and brought the house down! Her stage presence and ability to engage children and parents alike is truly a sight to see!

- Sherri Murphy (Owner, Manager) - Room2Play, LLC

My daughter has an indigenous name which is hard to pronounce. Niambi recorded a personalized CD for her and I just loved it. She pronounced it without an accent!! I'm very grateful for that and the rhythmic music she plays for my child!!!

- Monica


I’ve had the pleasure of being exposed to Niambi’s creative talent and musical gift for over 5 years.  She has a delightful spirit that exudes through her voice, music, and her big smile.    She’s always had a strong passion and love for music and children and that passion radiates in everything she does.  She makes it a point to add creativity and excitement to her music and work.  I have enjoyed Niambi’s performances and I would highly recommend her for any project. 

- C.J. Nichols

The CD you made for my daughter is not only a hit with the kids, but I listen sometimes when I am by myself!

- Leslie     


Hey Niambi, my children love the Birthday CD you made for them (Joshua and Brianna)... even my 8 year old.  They have taken over my music choice when riding in the car.  We have to listen to the Birthday CD!  Also, when Joshua is getting restless in the car, I put the CD in and it perks him up.  We love the CD!

                                                                                                                                    - Carlotta